Nutritional Support

One on One Nutritional Coaching

As your FNC I want to help each individual define the barriers they have that are keeping them from living a healthy lifestyle, through one on one coaching we can discuss anything from emotional eating issues to simply not understanding what foods are healthy and why. Coaching sessions will be one hour in length and can be anywhere from monthly to weekly depending on the clients preference.

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Customized Meal Plans

Meal Plans are created based on a 1500 calorie/day recommendation. They include 6 meals per day, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and three daily snacks. They also include recipes, shopping lists, and recommended food industry choices (these have been researched by J.O. and are recommendations based on the research I have conducted) Meal plans can be tailored to specific client needs as well.

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Guided Grocery Store Trips

During which I will accompany you to the grocery store and either assist you in locating the items from your meal plans if that has been purchased, or if not I will walk you through the ins and outs of the facility, what is the most effective way to shop, which isles to avoid and why. Also along the way I will share products I enjoy and which ones I stay away from.

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Healthy Home Makeovers

During which I will come to your home and assist you in cleaning out your kitchen. We will fully rid your home of unhealthy products so that you can rid yourself of temptation. (Can be a great program accompanied with the Guided Grocery Store Trip as after we clean out your kitchen we can restock with clean foods)

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Corporate Wellness

Working to help companies incorporate wellness programs that will improve the lifestyles of their employees, healthy employees are happy employees!

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Supplementation Assistance


I can help you understand the power of using the right supplements as well get you started on a supplement that’s right for you!

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Fit Fix Bride

As a member of the Twin Cities Wedding Association I am committed to helping brides obtain that perfect feeling of the utmost confidence on their big day! So much detail goes into the planning of a wedding but with my Fit Fix Bride program I can help take one thing of your plate. Work with me to achieve whatever your pre wedding goals may be whether that’s losing weight, developing a fitness routine, or simply overall health and happiness! I can help you achieve all these things and more so you can feel truly amazing inside and out on your perfect wedding day!

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Fit Fix Baby

Speaking from experience, pregnancy is an exciting but confusing time. Through my Fit Fix Baby program I can help you through your 9 months of pregnancy by assisting you in prenatal health and fitness so you can prevent the excess weight gain while making sure to keep you and baby healthy. I can also help after baby has arrived to lose whatever unwanted baby weight remains, we can begin postnatal health and fitness programs that will keep you looking and feeling great!

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Fit Fix Family

This program offers fun nutritional education for the whole family! I believe that it is so important to educate your family on the importance of a nutritious diet so with this program I aim to help families live an overall healthy life, I can help teach you to shop nutritiously on a budget, make preparing and sitting down to dinner an amazing experience that gets the entire family involved, and rid the home of all the chemicals that are preventing your family from being the healthiest happiest version of themselves!

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