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Week One! What Fitness & Nutrition Means to me!

Posted January 22nd, 2018 @ 05:01pm by: Jessica Olson

There are many people out there that have a genuinely positive outlook on life, and from sun up till sun down they're happy. Well I don't know about you, but that is not generally how my days go. ?We are usually awakened to two children crying, after which the hustle begins to get dressed ready and out of the house within the hour. Now don't get me wrong I love my kids with all my heart.but this is where my fitness nutrition regimen comes in. When my diet is clean and I'm staying active I can alleviate those pesky mood swings and that short.and I mean SHORT level of patience I have with my kids I hold so dear!!

That being said, onto week one. ?It has been great, it feels good to be back in a routine. Although I have leaned on my accountability group to keep me in check. That way when I feel like no one would notice if I skipped a day (which I thought about Saturday given I could barely walk after LEG day) I still have to check in and say when I've completed my workout!

Tip: Don't let yourself skip your workout! You'll feel ten times better once your though, and you'll be even more sore the following day if you do skip. ?

Now lets talk nutrition. Things are a little crazy at work right now. I work at an accounting firm and we are gearing up for Tax season. Now more than ever planning and preparation are key. I learned this week that meal prep is no joke! ?I was a bit lapse in my plans for this past week.? I felt it was my duty to slack off and enjoy what I perceived to be my last day before the will power and determination of the next 80 days needed to kick in. This was my first mistake.I started Monday feeling a little less than motivated and without a true plan as to how to get through the week. Luckily, I had purchased more than a few go to snacks to keep me full given the short amount of meal prep time, see below. These snacks can all be found at Costco!?

Now that I have discussed a couple things to be done differently in the week that lies ahead, lets go over a few wins I had this week. We had a family trip planned where I knew I would need to be that girl (the one who brings her own food in a large lunch box) but I wanted to ensure I had enough healthy snacks to keep me from feeling deprived and crabby. The day was a success, I knew that my long-term goals were more important than any instant gratification that comes from indulging. Having my own foods packed was a life saver, and my Raspberry Lemon Kombucha was the perfect drink to keep me from missing my wine.

There are always modifications and ways to look at these healthy decisions as opportunities.? Rather than seeing them as unfortunate things that you have to give up? in order to get the numbers on the scale to go down. There are also many benefits behind these healthy choices that go well beyond weight management. ?Once you start to experience these benefits you'll wonder how you ever did things any other way, a fact that I need to remind myself of more often than I'd care to admit!

And last but not least...The Big Vikings Game! With apps and drinks flowing, I had to find ways to feel included! Results...I made my very own delicious appetizers and had a reses peanut butter cup shakeology as my cocktail! It was a wonderful Sunday and I am more that ready for the week ahead. Bring on Week 2!!!

In good health, and until next time,