Why the Fit Fix?

Hi everyone thanks for checking out the Fit Fix! I’m Jessica Olson and I’m a NESTA Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach! Fitness and Nutrition is a passion, but not just for my family and I, I love helping others find their passion for it too! The Fit Fix isn’t just about weight loss due to meal plans and fitness routines, for me, it’s helping others to find their path to a healthier lifestyle in every way!

I am dedicated to finding fitness routines and nutritional programs that fit perfectly to my clients needs, we all have different strengths and weakness and therefore need programs unique to our lifestyle and personality! I truly believe that the success of my clients is all in the programs they follow! I started the Fit Fix because I wanted to help people live a healthier, happier lifestyle…to truly Fix themselves by Fixing Their Health!

Our Fitness Program

My Fit Fix mission is to help others obtain their health & fitness goals!

With 100's of exercise programs available and personalized meal plans to choose from I can help you decide the program that will work best for you! You will have everything you need to achieve success, and live a healthier lifestyle!